Tropical Atherton Tablelands


The Tropical Atherton Tablelands is a blend of the best attractions of the tropics; a combination of nature and lifestyle at its finest.

Among the World Heritage listed rainforests, national parks, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls are some of Australia’s richest agricultural lands and charming quaint townships.

Biologists have described the spectacular rainforests of the Wet Tropics as the “greatest celebration of life on earth”.

The farm and grazing lands are “the food bowl” of the northern tropics – yielding a constant supply of fruit, vegetables and grains to local and export markets. Here settlers from all over the world share their arts, crafts, music and festivals.

For visitors, the Tablelands present opportunities for bush walking, bird watching, a wildlife cruise, marsupial spotting like tree kangaroos and platypus, hot air ballooning and water sports as diverse as fishing and white water rafting along with gourmet food and wine tastings.

Winding roads lead to spectacular lookouts and waterfalls, and highlights include Australia’s widest waterfall – Millstream Falls – and many others flowing all year round, the deep blue waters of extinct volcano crater lakes, Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham, the ancient Bromfield Swamp near Malanda and the Hypipamee National Park and crater near Herberton.

The area is at its best in the low season  which is December to April as it offers freedom from the city humidity and a refreshing climate.

Or you can visit from July to November for some tropical sunshine.

How do you get there you ask?  There are several fabulous AthertonTableland tours available or it is just a 30 minute drive by car to the tablelands to start exploring.

This region is a foodies paradise they say if you plant a nail you will grow a crowbar!

Some of the crops include coffee, mangoes, sugar, tea – don’t miss this wonderful region when visiting North Queensland.